Graham Fox, Owner La Bicicletta

I hope when I’m done that my community will be a better place and it will inspire others.


Graham Fox

1. If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Curious, passionate, driven.

2. You’re a business owner (multiple locations) of a bike shop called La Bicicletta in Vancouver. How did you fall into this? What is it about cycling that you love so much?

I met Kevin, the previous owner of the shop and we became friends. I started spending more time at the shop and working on projects with him that I decided to quit my other job and become an owner. I have been in love with road cycling since the early 80’s watching Greg LeMond and Steve Bauer racing in the Tour de France.

3. What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome in your career/life? What were the tools that were pivotal in overcoming that time? How have you learned from it, how have you changed?

Leaving my career in hospitality to buy La Bicicletta. I really had to trust my instrincts and stay focused on the process. Transitioning my career was really stressful and scary but also the best thing I ever did.

4. If you could go back and tell your 12 year old self something, what would it be?

You don’t know anything, learn as much from others as possible.

5. If a young entrepreneur asked you for business advice, what would your best piece of advice be?

Don’t try and take on too much but rather focus on execution and consistency.

6. What is something the majority of people don’t know about you?

I used to smoke a pack a day and was 30 pounds overweight.

7. What does “Project Athlete” mean to you? How do you relate to it?

I love reading other athletes stories and learning about different people's experiences.

8. If there was a book written about you what would the genre be?

The title would be “How to get the weekend off”. It would be a guide to career and life planning. Its all about balance!

9. What is something beautiful that you see everyday?

The North Shore mountains.

10. What are some myths and realities about the business world that you can share with our readers?

Myth: luck. Realty: hard work, consistency, and perseverance wins.

11. What were you doing before La Bicicletta was born?

I worked in hospitality for 20 years.

12. You’re a masters bike racer and a full time business owner. How do you balance the two?

I have an amazing coach, Assaf Yogev who writes my training program. I really only spend 8-10 hours a week on the bike and since I have my own business I can incorporate that time into my work week.

13. What is the single, best realization you’ve had in your life?

Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

14. What do you want your legacy to be?

I hope when I’m done that my community will be a better place and it will inspire others.

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