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Georgia Simmerling

2010 Vancouver (Alpine Skiing)
2014 Sochi (Freestyle Skiing)
2016 Rio de Janeiro (Track Cycling - Bronze)
2020 Tokyo (Track Cycling)

Georgia Simmerling | Co-founder of Project Athlete Apparel Co.

Georgia Simmerling is a woman on a mission. If you know her, you know she envisions what she wants and makes it happen with no hesitation. If you don’t know, her resume speaks volumes. 

Georgia is the first Canadian to have competed in three different Olympic Game in three different sports- Alpine Skiing, Ski Cross, and Track Cycling. A women on a mission, right? With 11 World Cup Ski Cross podiums and medals in multiple World Cups, a World Championship and an Olympic medal in Track Cycling, there is nothing that can get in this women’s way, not even broken bones from head to toe throughout her career, literally. With each injury Georgia has suffered, she has found a way to rebuild her physical and mental body with what seems like an unwavering positive attitude. 

Having switched sports multiple times in her career, Georgia has put herself in many vulnerable positions, failing far more times than she has succeeded, learning quickly the importance of not taking yourself so seriously. Her infectious personality resonates with those around her with a thrill for life that we all can strive to find.

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