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Stephanie Labbe

2020 Tokyo (Football - Gold)
2016 Rio de Janeiro (Football - Bronze)

Stephanie Labbe | Co-founder of Project Athlete Apparel Co.

“To inspire others to do the things that inspire them” 

Once Stephanie became clear with her WHY, everything else seemed to fall into place. After 11 years of national team presence, two World Cups, as well as 10 years playing professionally in both Sweden and the United States, Steph found the key.  It wasn’t always in doing more, rather innovating and pushing the limits in what she was already doing. 

Hard working and determined, Steph always strives to find new, creative ways to better herself, both on the field and off.  This ever evolving motivation for improvement pushed Steph into the starting goalkeeper role for the Canadian Womens National Soccer Team in 2016, and soon after onto the podium to win a Bronze medal in the Rio Olympic Games. 5 more years of this determination landed Steph on the top of the podium in Tokyo, bringing home a historic Gold Medal. Steph’s passion for challenging herself was part of the equation, add in the joy she gets in seeing how it inspires those around her, that’s what really gets her out of bed. 

Steph’s road hasn’t been easy or smooth, but she has learned to smile through the obstacles and not take herself too seriously. Life is too short to stress about the uncontrollables, so just step back and accept it… you’re a kid at heart and this sh*& is funny. 

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